Smootree was established with the aim to provide quality and innovative furniture to improve the living experience in the ever-shrinking spaces in Singapore. The products are carefully selected from the growing range of space-saving and multi-functional furniture in the market to ensure that you get the best and the safest fittings built for everyday use without compromising on the qualities of space and furniture.
AV One team of THX Certified Professional offers a selection of multiple award-winning audio and visual brands. As a strategic partner with AV One, we guarantee quality entertainment solutions that add unique value and differentiation to our clients. Since its inception in 1998, they have commissioned over 7000 residential and commerical projects, from luxury yacht to 60 seater private theatre room, conference hall's sound reinformcement and "live" music set up.
Lightbasic Studio are constantly on the lookout for vibrant and energetic products, they hope to blend both design and functionality to meet different style and budget. With their expertise in creating lighting and exploring the interaction of light and materials to suit different environment, it will be a great asset to our clients.
KompacPlus is the sole importer and distributor of KompacPanel, an innovative italian-made panel solution. At KompacPlus, they present to customers the best of European panel design to create high-quality surfaces that combine stylish finishes with the durability of a high-density non-porous composite material. An elegant backdrop for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and sleek, modern furniture that create tasteful, inviting living spaces you'll be proud to show off.
With years of experience in Glass Fibre Reinforces Concreate (G.F.R.C) and Fibre Reinforces Polymer (F.R.P) products for both commerical, residential projects. Our team of creative and dedicated industial designers, architect and renowned artists sculptor are able to provide a holistic design, manufacturing and consulting services that caters to the needs and requirements of our clients.
Incorporated in 1980, Hafary is the leading building material supplier that has been defining living spaces with premium products. With over 3000 products sourced from around the world, Hafary's collection of surfacing materials and bathroom solutions satifies the diverse design needs related to architecture and space. Their collection include files, stone, mosaic, wood flooring and sanitary ware and fittings. The collection is set to inspire, bringing design ideas to life.